About Me

Hello! I'm Tom and I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Medidata.

There I am creating Edge Site Payments, an invoicing and cost managment soloution for clinical trails.

The backend (which is my specialty) is written in Scala and the services I am responsible for utalise Akka Streams to effeciently process events. As part of this project I have developed a keen interest in DDD, clean architecture and event driven systems.

Before Medidate I worked at IBM, where I worked with Java and C to develop the clustered IO Cacheing and RAID controller layers of Spectrum Virtualize, which is a storage virtualisation product available across a range of IBM hardware.

Me :)


Education Career Conferences

Senior Software Engineer Medidata ― 2018-Present
Software Engineer IBM Systems Storage ― 2016-2018
Speaker IBM TechU, Orlando ― 2017
Graduate Software Engineer IBM UK ― 2014-2016
MEng Computing Swansea University ― 2010-2014
Intern M4 Systems ― 2012 & 2013


Functional Programming
Reactive Streams
Test Driven Design
Javascript (ES6)
AWS Kinesis
Microservice Architecture
Scrum & Other Agile Disciplines
Behaviour Driven Design
Clean Code & Architecture
Continuous Intergration
Domain Driven Design


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